Acupuncture had always interested me but I had always appreciated it from a distance until my sisters started and finished the course. After being a reluctant (at first) “pin cushion” for them, I was offered the opportunity to join the course in January 2009. Knowing the course started in September 2008, I had initial reservations about joining a course late and catching up.

How wrong I was! Vincent, knowing I was joining late, took time out before our first lecture on the Friday evening, to go through the basics of Acupuncture so I would feel more comfortable in my first lecture.

Dr Vincent Carroll is an enigmatic and ever so slightly eccentric character that will make you want to pay attention to what he is saying. He is very logical in his approach, maybe this is due to his scientific background, and will always reiterate points if it is only one person who is not getting the jist.

The course itself is very casual in its appearance but very professional in its teaching. Vincent creates a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere that is great to be a part of. It also has to be said that Vincent is always available for his students. He will gladly take calls out of lecture time to answer any queries you have. This is very refreshing.

Every now and then, Vincent organizes a past student to lecture. This is often an area of their expertise and it is a brilliant way to meet other practicing Acupuncturists and seek their advice.

As a whole, the course is everything I expected and more. There is eclectic mix of students within my first year that have a wide range of different experiences but we all have the same goal. Everyone is very friendly and approachable. A testament to Dr Vincent Carroll’s approach and delivery.